This site is for short fiction about the sport of cricket.

If you would like your story posted here, then please send it in the body of an e-mail addressed to slarner@sky.com with a short biography of up to three sentences written in the third person with any links to your blog. In the subject matter of the e-mail put your title and name. I do not open attachments. I accept simultaneous submissions and reprints where you hold copyright.

Submissions should be roughly in the range 800-1200 words.

Unfortunately I cannot pay you at the present time. However, your story if published will be read and appreciated by the cricket community. I reserve only the right to post it on site and I will remove it later at your request.

This site is not for short quips, though the stories can be humorous.

At times cricket can be like a still pond, where all human life is played out beneath the surface. At other times, it is an explosive drama of startling accomplishments. Cricketshortstories reflects this duality.

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